Why is the MASK expensive?

The price of includes the following costs: raw materials (fabric, elastic, etc), labor for multiple-people, and miscellaneous supplies. Each mask takes a minimum of 30 minutes to create. We take no shortcuts. Each mask is one of a kind.

We donate a medical-grade mask for every mask purchased. In addition, we have on-boarded friends and family who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. We need to be self sustainable and continually oil the machine in order to stay open and continue making masks for those in need. Lets wear a mask & save lives. We are in this together <3


How is the fit?

Each mask is custom made in the U.S.A. It can be worn inside-out or up-side down dependent on the shape of your face. We use elastic bands, organic cotton, and filters for extra protection, comfort & durability.


How do we wash these masks?

We recommend that each face-mask is washed softly by hand to sustain the integrity of the cloth and the sewed in filter for protection. It is best to softly hand wash for best results.


Where do the donated face-masks go?

We donate our masks to all areas in need. We have donated to frontlines in New York fighting COVID-19 & homeless shelters that can't afford the supplies to stay safe. Our mission is to donate 1 million masks across the United States. Every Mask Counts and every single purchase is appreciated on a much much greater level. We are in this together. #everymaskcounts